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Summer Camp Kits 2018 - LOVE from Wakanda

Hands on interactive activities designed for African American youth!!

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Bliss sounds like ululululululu!!!


SUMMER CAMP KITS are available for your summer camp, after school program, community center or for the neighborhood. Each SUMMER CAMP KIT gives a step-by-step guide for interactive, multi-media, dynamic, fun activities. Imagine  learning Xhosa praise singing with a round the way style, storytelling like a West Africa Griot, fundamentals of financial and savings clubs Caribbean style, Africa 101 and more, much more. All activities are centered around character building and a blending of flavors from the continent of Africa and the diaspora, Wakanda too. 

Here's how it works...your camp, school, community center or program purchases SUMMER CAMP KITS for 25 or more, no limit. With each kit purchased you will receive step-by-step guide to facilitate activities, access to video clips for demonstrations of dances or songs and a souvenir for each learner to take home as a keepsake. 

Souvenirs are curated carefully and hand made by small businesses, cooperatives and NGOs located throughout Africa and the Caribbean.  Then SUMMER CAMP KITS are assembled, packaged and shipped to you from New Orleans a where AlovesB employs people who need a second chance in life and, youth in general. Each SUMMER CAMP KIT stands for economic empowerment, social cohesion, celebration of Africa and social transformation for our people. Let's work together and help our young people move forward!  

Email AlovesB at to discuss your SUMMER CAMP KITS content and costs.

We Stand For...

the People

AlovesB stands strong on the transformation of people through job creation and business development, especially for those of us most at risk. Every item is hand made in an African or Caribbean country, then shipped and packaged in Louisiana. Jobs will be prioritized for people with felony convictions, unemployed youth and others in need of an open door. Here's to opening DOORS for job creation while providing lovely products for you. Let's build Wakanda for real.

the Planet

We will use renewable materials to package our products. The cardboard tubes in toilet paper and paper towel rolls will be reconfigured into packaging materials for our products. 

AlovesB reconfigures waste materials for packaging.

the Production

A fun workplace featuring activities such as Zumba or Tai Chi during breaks is what AlovesB does. Child care in the workplace is a given for our team members to have full and flourishing work days. As we build our production range we will be able to provide more perks in the workplace that will generate a healthier happier workforce to build up our communities.  Transformation now.

About AlovesB

African Inspired and Eco-Friendly

AlovesB is undergoing certification as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) and is self-certified as an economically disadvantaged woman owned small business (EDWOSB). In South Africa TASA is applying for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). Each item is manufactured by community groups that empower youth, especially girls and women and people living with HIV. 

Founded in South Africa

AlovesB was founded by Dr. Dorothy Nairne who lived and worked in more than 20 African countries over 25 years. Her take home point is that people need well-paying community based jobs that contribute to restoring dignity. Dr. Nairne has been working in economic development, manufacturing and marketing and HIV prevention.

Celebrating Africa Creating Jobs

AlovesB and Johannesburg based Take Action South Africa (TASA) have a joint venture to manufacture African inspired home decor that will create hundreds of jobs from Johannesburg to the bayou. Together AlovesB and TASA aim to transform our communities while supplying products that celebrate Africa.

Contact Us

Bringing Wakanda to YOU.

Call us, email us, work together to create jobs and bring curated African inspired products into your family home. Products are symbolic of prosperity and happiness coupled with love and beauty. Together we can build an ideal community with our young people at the heart. #BuildingWakanda.

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